Making Manna Home

Pricing as follows:

$14 Per Pound of Current Production.

$11 per pound on orders of 3 lbs or more

Bulk orders $9 per pound (minimum 6 lbs)

Pink Oyster, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Chestnut, Black Pearl King Trumpet, Blue Oyster currently in production. Call to see what is on hand or soon to be available.

Located inside the historic 95 year long operating Montgomery Curb Market on the NE corner right across from the court house. Hopefully you can catch us on most Tuesdays, Thursdays or Saturdays each week. The address to the market is 1004 Madison Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104.

Farm Bio ~Chris Gore is the farmer at Making Manna. There he grows gourmet mushrooms and microgreens to make available locally. The farms goal is to be regenerative by building soil in the food forest onsite. This is done with the spent (Mushroom Blocks & Microgreens Trays) left over from growing food for the market.

Call 334 320 5302 to place your order today!

Pink Oyster
Black Pearl King Trumpet
Lion’s Mane

We produce fresh locally grown gourmet mushrooms, honey, and microgreens in Central Alabama

New products! Purple and Green Radish Microgreens